Another title slide, another talk

Did you know that the 24th October is UN World Development Information Day? It’s been running for 40 years now and is intended to raise the profile of development issues and how they may be addressed. The University of Southampton is holding a public event to show some of its recent work in this area. I will be giving a talk about the global challenges module and our ideas for a TEDx event at Southampton. If you can’t make the talk, you will hopefully be able to catch it being streamed live here. Some event details:

Wednesday 24th October 5:30pm-7:30pm
Room 44/Lecture Theatre A 1041, Highfield Campus

Free wine and nibbles after the talk!


Don’t ask me when exactly or even how, but we are going to run a TEDx event at the University of Southampton. It’s an idea that’s been kicking around for some time but it wasn’t until this week we got some people together and made some serious efforts to make this happen. I say serious; we sat around, drank tea and talked about it. Which is quite serious actually.