Interview at Intech

Last week I gave an evening lecture at Intech in Winchester. If you haven’t been to Intech I can really recommend it. Great for kids (small and about my size…) with many hands-on exhibits about science and engineering. The lecture was in their planetarium which was a fabulous venue. I was told it was all state of the art and it looked it. The lecture itself was recorded and may end up online someday. Afterwards I was interviewed by ICM Reporting.

One thing that I forgot to mention in the interview is that one way that I would like people to get more involved in the issues I talked about is to sign up to the Global Challenges online course – when it is actually online. The current module is going very well and I am planning on opening it up for those that would like to study remotely. Please stay tuned for developments.

Another title slide, another talk

Did you know that the 24th October is UN World Development Information Day? It’s been running for 40 years now and is intended to raise the profile of development issues and how they may be addressed. The University of Southampton is holding a public event to show some of its recent work in this area. I will be giving a talk about the global challenges module and our ideas for a TEDx event at Southampton. If you can’t make the talk, you will hopefully be able to catch it being streamed live here. Some event details:

Wednesday 24th October 5:30pm-7:30pm
Room 44/Lecture Theatre A 1041, Highfield Campus

Free wine and nibbles after the talk!

Cafe Scientific August 13th

I will be giving a Cafe Scientific talk at the Southwestern Arms, Southampton on Monday 13th August. I think things kick off around 7pm. Perhaps it depends on how much people have been drinking! I’m going to be talking about peak phosphorus and so will include some material from a previous post.

Come along and find out if I got round to producing more than a title slide.