Astronauts needed for Spaceship Earth


For the past couple of years I’ve given a talk to school children (age adjusted) called “Spaceship Earth”. It asks them to think about the Earth as a spaceship – in fact a spacesuit – and in doing so introduces a range of Earth and sustainability science topics. I’m looking for a local school teacher to help me develop this into a show/event that can be toured around regional perhaps even national schools.

I’ve posted a flyer I’ve just knocked up and there is some blurb below. Please forward this onto anyone you think may be interested!

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”

We fly through space at thousands of miles an hour on the surface of a planetary spaceship. We may not be able to steer this spaceship (which is just as well because we don’t want to crash into the Sun!) but we are able to change some important properties that we, and all life on Earth depend on. Find out how by coming to this talk that will feature rocket videos, experiments, and the opportunity to try on SCUBA diving kit