Are we doomed?

Tonight at 7:45pm in the Winchester Discovery Centre, I will giving the talk: Are we doomed? Is our civilisation headed for collapse? win disc centre 2014-v2.001 It’s taken me some time to realise that this is what most of my research is really about. In an abstract sense it’s about how far can you push a system before it fails, do you get any warning its going to fail and then once it does how can you recover it. But I’ve become increasingly motivated to situate these question in the real world. Our world – planet Earth. Rather than being morbid or depressing, I think these issues are fascinating and actually quite empowering. Ultimately, it’s about deciding what sort of planet we want to live on. What sort of a planet do we wish others to live on. If you are in town and can spare an hour, then come along. I predict there will be some significant disagreement with what I have to say from some people.

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