Wanted: person to help prevent ecosystems collapse

Would you like to work with me on an exciting project that will develop a novel toolbox that will help us predict large and potentially catastrophic changes in lake ecosystems?

I’ve been awarded funding to support a project to develop a state-of-the-art toolbox (TEWLS: Toolbox of Early Warning signals for Lake Systems) that will be used by site managers and environmental agencies in order for them to better manage their ecosystems. The output of TEWLS will be a multi-dimensional measure of ecosystem health along with a single ‘warning level’.

This project requires a research assistant that will be hired for six months at salary point 27 (see here for multicolored details). I think that equates to an annual salary of £27,000. However as this is a six month job then £13,500 should be what you would earn. What would you do? Continue reading