Revisiting Global Challenges

I am currently in the process of updating the Global Challenges syllabus and assessment. Nothing too drastic, but I would like to make a number of changes for the new academic year. The biggest change is that there will no longer be an exam. While the exam turned out very well – there was a good spread of grades with some students getting excellent marks – I want to embed the assessments further into the course with time and space for reflection on feedback. That would be possible with a series of in-class tests (something that can work very well, for example see Living with Environmental Change) but instead I will use more assessed group work.

I am also currently experimenting with lecture recording and flip teaching. Lectures will be recorded and watched online before classes that will concentrate on discussions of the lecture material and allocated reading. This has worked very well for Sustainability in the Local and Global Environment. This also gives me the opportunity to try and get some guest lecturers that slipped through my clutches last year as we can in principle record anytime. And anything that could help reduce my stress levels as I do battle with the diaries of eight very busy academics is to be welcomed. Once recorded I can schedule a lecture anytime.


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