That was the world that was

On Sunday 21st July at 12:00 as part of the Winchester Science Festival I will be talking about the end of the world.

that was the earth that wasPeople have been predicting the end of the Earth since people have been been walking on it. Each age has its set of challenges and each civilisation eventually fails. But could it really be the case that our global, industrialised civilisation could collapse? The Earth’s population has reached 7 billion. By the middle of this century it will hit 9 billion. More people and more consumption will drive a perfect storm of rising food and energy costs, biodiversity loss, increased migration and conflict. All under the influence of global climate change. How will you and rest of humanity not only survive but prosper? In a surprisingly upbeat talk, James Dyke unpicks some of the connections that join ecosystems, people, companies and governments across the planet. Having a better understanding of how the Earth system works may help us do a better job of working within its limits. http:/

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