TEDxSouthamptonUniversity views on sustainability

Read, listen or watch the news and you may come to the conclusion that the Earth is going to hell in a handcart.  We Homo sapiens as a species are about one million years old, but it’s only been in the last few hundred years or so that we have really been making a mess of the place. It’s now widely understood that the tremendous, indeed exponential increase in science, technology, and industrialisation has come at significant cost to a range of natural processes that are vital to our survival. Human-induced climate change is perhaps the most famous, along with the hole in the ozone layer. Add to these the destruction of nearly 50% of the world’s forests in less than 50 years, collapse of fisheries, evaporation of lakes such as the Aral Sea and an extinction rate hundreds if not thousands of times higher than pre-industrial periods. Well, it’s not a glowing endorsement of our planet husbandary abilities.

How are we going to continue to live with the Earth, not just live on it? How do we achieve sustainable development so that everyone alive will benefit from the fruits of industrialisation now and into the future? What is it that we want to sustain? What must we keep and what must we lose or exchange? What contributions can we make as individuals, teachers, parents, citizens?

On March 17th 2013 the very first TEDxSouthamptonUniversity will be held at, yes you guessed it, the University of Southampton. During the day, 15 speakers (and some music makers) will give their take on sustainability. Come along and find out what role hairy crabs, deep sea vents, hairdressers, martial arts, old televisions, roundabouts and a skip full of junk have to play in our transition to a more sustainable world.

Details about the day and how to get a ticket can be found at:

See you there!