Are we all doomed?

We live in interesting times:

  • Ice loss in the Arctic seems significantly worse than initially thought with this summer’s melt beating the previous 2007 record. There may be no summer Arctic ice within a few decades, perhaps sooner. The climatic impacts of this could be serious for the UK and globally.
  • 2012 saw a number of weather records being broken both nationally and globally. with new research making a stronger link between climate change and extreme weather events.
  • The global population is currently increasing by around 80,000 every day with a projected increase from the current 7 billion to 9 billion by the middle of this century.
  • The effects of the global recession of 2008 are still playing out in Europe, USA and other parts of the world with significant risk of futher economic instability in the near future.

One response to all this is to conclude that the world is going to hell in a handcart and things are likely to only get worse. There’s nothing we can do about it. The time to act was years perhaps even centuries in the past. The thing to do now is protect and survive. Weather this perfect storm of environmental, financial and demographic stressors and pass on what we can to future generations. Useful life skills? Farming and living off the grid. Perhaps learn to shoot because keeping what is yours will be harder in the future. Continue reading

Climate change: It’s not a global conspiracy

A nice (if you can get past the slightly cheesy music) introduction to climate change and the different lines of evidence that supports the theory that humans are largely responsible for the warming observed over the past decades and centuries. It’s produced by the US National Academy of Sciences and is clearly intended to address a number of claims by those that would dispute that theory.

It will of course not make much of a difference with those people who have entrenched views. If anything it may make them more certain that there is in fact a global conspiracy involving scientists, governmental and non-governmental agencies. Confirmation bias is well documented. Here’s an example in action. Quite an interesting article. But now scroll down and read the comments. You will see exactly the sort of behaviour the journalist was describing manifesting itself in a largely non-reflective way.