Medieval city science

From Friday 20th to Sunday 22th July, the Winchester Discovery Centre will be hosting the Winchester Science Festival. The program starts from 9am/10am and runs through past 8pm. The organisers have done a superb job in putting together a very diverse event with talks subjects ranging from mammoths, dark matter, magic to sperm warfare. And much inbetween. There is even space for me to talk about Global Challenges and what we (as a University, teachers and researchers) could and arguably should be doing to address them. OK, I will be talking at 9am on Sunday which isn’t the most attractive time to be up and about at the weekend. I can’t imagine it’s going to be a packed house.

But it can’t be as bad as the last ‘professional’ gig I played. We were a very last minute replacement for some other act that had pulled out at the Rock Garden in London. I think it closed a few years ago but during the 1970s and 80s it was an important venue in the punk and New Wave scene. By the time we played it in the mid 90s, it was some distance from this peak. In total 8 people turned up. 6 were our friends the other 2 being obviously lost Japanese tourists who politely left after the first song. Fortunately we were still paid. Unfortunately it was a cut of the door. I still can remember the manager counting out the £2:50 that was my share. And there were only two of us. I think it was at that point that I finally realised that this band really wasn’t going anywhere.

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