Money, it’s a gas

I have some to give away. About £3000. That’s the total prize money for the Global Challenges competition that I’m sure by now you have heard all about. You haven’t? Well quickly check out the website. Get all that?

Right now all you need to know is that we want peope, from all walks of life, to tell us how they would communicate one of the global challenges of:

  • food & energy security
  • population & migration
  • climate change
  • biodiversity loss
  • financial & information networks
  • governence & citizenship

in the form of a short video. Something that you could imagine being hosted on YouTube. These are global issues but also at a fundmantal level they are about you.


Things are worse than I thought. I started this blog in order to (productively) procrastinate. But now I’m procrastinating over the blog. Yes, I’m meta-procrastination. I’ve leafed through my copy of Get Things Done, but that’s of limited help as it assumes that I do in fact want to get things done.

Oh well. Here’s a man wearing a kilt and Darth Vader costume, riding a unicyle whilst playing the bagpipes.